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You don’t need a special kind of beer to get drunk in the shower. But if someone has gone through the trouble to brew one specifically for that purpose it seems rude not to.

Who dreamed up this improbable libation? Creative types at Snask, an advertising agency based in Stockholm, teamed up with Sweden’s Pang Pang Brewery.

The result of their collaboration is called Shower Beer, because when you’re heading to the shower, there’s no time to hunt around the fridge for the right beer to take along. It’s got to jump out at you, and clearly, the one that says Shower Beer on the bottle is the one you’re going to reach for.

Swedes Brewed a Special Beer for Drinking in the Shower - Geek.com

The inevitable result of pounding one too many Shower Beers in the shower.

What makes Shower Beer special? Not necessarily the beer itself, though feedback from people who sampled the first batch of this pale ale was certainly positive.

The bottle itself is one thing. At just 6 ounces, it’s just over half the size of a Red Stripe stubby. Why so small? It’s so you can drink it before it has time to warm up in the shower, of course! Six ounces means you can down a Shower Beer in three swigs, says Pang Pang.

The other thing is the 10% alcohol content. Shower Beer packs quite a punch, so even though you’re drinking a relatively small amount you’re not giving any of the buzz you’d get from a more standard beer in a more standard bottle.

While this particular Shower Beer might not be available stateside, there is a Shower Beer you might be able to get your hands on. Champion Brewing in Charlottesville, Virginia makes one. It’s a Czech-style pilsner in a 12-ounce can with an ABV of 4.5%.

It’s rated quite highly on Beer Advocate, and you can drink it in the shower, too. At least I assume so. Champion doesn’t say you can’t on their website or anything…

Swedes Brewed a Special Beer for Drinking in the Shower – Geek.com


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