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Today is Wednesday, better known as New Comic Book Day, the best day of the week. A lot of great comics came out today, but this column is meant to focus on the best of the best, the must have books that should be in everyone’s stack for the week. We are extremely hyped for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which combined with an awesome creative team, makes the book of the week Rocket Raccoon #2, by writer Matthew Rosenberg, artist Jorge Coelho, and publisher Marvel Comics.

Buy This Comic! Rocket Raccoon #2 -

Rocket Raccoon #2

(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Jorge Coelho

Rocket is kicking in doors and busting heads!
• Something sinister is preying on defenseless creatures in New York City.
• And as much as Rocket hates Earth, he can’t ignore the dead bodies being left in this evil’s wake.

A part of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy-centric “Grounded” launch, the new Rocket Raccoon series finds the furry fugitive stranded on Earth after the team’s spaceship is destroyed. Rocket ends up wandering the streets of New York City to find a way off the planet, encountering other extraterrestrial outlaws, the NYPD, and Spider-Man (no, the other one).

Buy This Comic! Rocket Raccoon #2 -

Writer Matthew Rosenberg is a personal favorite of mine, with his work at Black Mask (We Can Never Go Home4 Kids Walk Into A Bank) being some of the best comics to come out in the past few years. Always genuine, but with just the right amount of grit to never come across too sappy, Rosenberg always makes his characters and their situations feel human, even if they’re a talking space raccoon. His Kingpin mini-series that tied into Civil War II was one of my favorite Marvel series of 2016 (seriously, go read it), showing that he can still find the humanity in characters that are not his own, even if they have to fit into the context of a larger universe. It’s no wonder that he got his own Kingpin ongoing, which begins next month. His Rocket further showcases his ability to work well within the Marvel, with Rocket’s frustration and confusion with Earth culture feeling pitch perfect, while still managing to be really entertaining. There were points where I was reading the first two issues and realized I had imagined Bradley Cooper’s voice from the movies, as Rosenberg makes the character feel that real.

Artist Jorge Coelho is less familiar to me, as I only recognize his work from Image Comics’ Zero (also really good) and some random Marvel issues. His style is perfect for this Rocket Raccoon series, though, blending the more cartoonish elements of the main character, and all of his science fiction baggage, with the seedier setting of New York City’s bar scene and underground. The way he draws  Spider-Man, Miles Morales, when he shows up feels off to me but its not distracting. His style, and especially his line work reminds me a lot of the great Walter Simonson, especially during the more action-centric sequences. This creative team knocks this premise out of the park, really bringing the fan favorite character down to a level that is accessible and engaging for both new and returning readers. Seriously, if you’re not reading this book, please get on it now. Rocket Raccoon #1 and #2 are available in print and online at

Buy This Comic! Rocket Raccoon #2 -

1/11/2017 Releases

In addition to Rocket Raccoon, here is a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should also be reading if you are not already.

  • Justice League/Power Rangers #1 – Writer Tom Taylor and artist Stephen Byrne bring you the crossover of your dreams, courtesy of DC Comics and Boom! Studios.
  • God Country #1 – Writer Donny Cates, artist Geoff Shaw, and Image Comics kick off one of the best new series with one of our favorite new series! Read our review here.
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #16 – It is the 25th anniversary of Squirrel Girl! Original writer Will Murray joins creative team Ryan North and Erica Henderson for a special one-shot anniversary issue.



Buy This Comic! Rocket Raccoon #2 –


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