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Disney is joining in on the set-top box craze with a brand new device that’s targeting 2017 for launch.

The Disney Kids TV is a product that Disney is working with in tandem with accessory company Snakebyte, and it just debuted during CES 2017. It will be available in three different themes: The Avengers, Frozen, and Disney Kids when it finally hits store shelves.

Created as a set-top box option meant solely for kids’ rooms, the box will come loaded with games, movies, and TV shows as well as support for 4K resolution. It’s aimed at kids who want content providers in their own rooms, and are fortunate enough to have parents cool with that. It will feature parental guidance controls and content that’s much easier to monitor than regular boxes like Roku or Apple TV, which are more open and thus simpler for kids to get into and watch shows not meant for their age range.

The box itself will run $99, but there isn’t a concrete date just yet for when consumers will be able to get their hands on it. There will be a special Disney-branded controller sold along with the box for $39, though it has been said that the controller itself is an optional part of the purchase. The box will support additional Bluetooth controllers as well and you can download any app from the Google Play store as well.

For $99, however, there are cheaper options that could be modified to remain safe for kids and ensure they’re removed from more adult content. This is really just an example of paying for the Disney brand and special wrappings for the box, especially if there’s no exclusive content releasing on-board as it is. It’s not like it’s going to play Disney Infinity. We’ll have to wait a little while longer to see what it has to offer, especially with its premium price tag and release date later in the year.

Disney Is Releasing A Kid-Centric Set-Top Box | Tech | Geek.com


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