Apple Nixes App That Helps You Find Lost AirPods -

Apple has made the decision to remove an app from the App Store purported to assist you in finding where you misplaced the pricey peripherals.

The app, known as “Finder for AirPods,” was previously available for $3.99, created solely for the purpose of helping you find where you misplaced one of the tiny AirPods, which are extremely simple to lose down a couch cushion, in your blankets, or somewhere in the house or car. Wherever you go. They’re not exactly easy to keep track of.

Finder for AirPods utilized the Bluetooth signal to help locate any of the AirPods you might end up missing and would guide you to it utilizing the app’s technology. With an attractive user interface and such a low entry price compared to having to buy a replacement earbud for $69, it’s difficult to understand why Apple wouldn’t want this simple app available.

I mean, aside from the fact that the company probably profits off of missing AirPods pretty often and isn’t into having third-party apps utilizing its technology’s Bluetooth signals for anything that might be perceived as “hacking” or something similar to it.

The Verge recently reached out to Apple for additional information about why the app might have been removed but has yet to receive an update on the situation. Meanwhile, if you had purchased the app and find that it’s now unavailable, you can request a refund via iTunes, so you won’t be out your hard-earned cash.

You might want to think about keeping an eagle eye on your AirPods going forward since it seems like it’s going to be a little more difficult to keep track of them going forward. Interestingly enough, there is no official Apple solution to finding lost AirPods, so keep an eye on the ones you got!

Apple Nixes App That Helps You Find Lost AirPods –


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