Apple, Carl Zeiss Partnering For Smart Glasses -

It seems like the world’s largest tech company could be jumping into the smart glasses game, according to an anonymous tip from a Carl Zeiss employee. Famed tech blogger and entrepreneur Robert Scoble broke the tip on his Facebook page. According to Scoble, the German optics manufacturer might announce a “light pair of augmented/mixed reality glasses” this year as part of a collaboration with Apple.

Scoble said that he pressed Zeiss representatives to tip their hand. Previously, Apple was rumored to be preparing AR tech for a 2018 launch, but Scoble is confident that the set will release later this year.

Rumors about an Apple-made version of the Google Glass or Microsoft’s HoloLens have been floating around for a couple years now, so it’s probable that the company’s been working on smart glasses for some time and could be nearing a release-ready gadget.

If Apple’s patent filing from last June is any indication, we could be getting a flexible, AMOLED-driven translucent screen that wraps around the user’s head. Alternatively, the patent includes a process which would allow a lens to deform and then return to its original shape. That means we may even see eye glass frames that will accept modified lenses that could popped in and out as needed without damaging the transparent AMOLED display.

While a good chunk of people on earth have readily adopted smart phones, other wearables have been slow to pick up steam. Google Glass didn’t do super well, and its users took a lot of flak for being a bit out of touch. Like it or not though, Apple’s been something of a trendsetter, and while they’re often among the last to get some things to market, when Apple does launch a new device, it tends to do pretty well. So it’s possible that Apple’s move could be the big push AR glasses need to go mainstream.

Technically, this is all rumors and hearsay, but given how these things tend to go, I’d say it’s a good bet Apple’s got something cooking.

For now, I’m just wondering how weird and pretentious the company will get with the name. Maybe iSpecs? Or iS (said “eyes”)? WHO KNOWS.

Apple, Carl Zeiss Partnering For Smart Glasses –


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