Keurig Is Working On An Instant Beer And Cocktail Machine -

Consumers may have given Keurig’s last instant beverage machine the Kold shoulder, but the company isn’t ready to give up on it just yet. They’ve got a plan B… and the B stands for beer.

Keurig Green Mountain has struck up a deal with brewing giant Anheuser-Busch InBev (PDF link). They’ll each be contributing employees to a team that will work on creating “a new system for the adult beverage category.”

Unlike other systems that have been developed, the goal isn’t to produce a countertop brewing machine that’s practically a Keurig for beer. They want an actual Keurig for beer. Pop in a pod. Press a button. Enjoy your frosty, freshly-dispensed beer.

A regular Keurig can brew more than just coffee, of course, and InBev sells plenty of beverages that aren’t beer. It’s no surprise, then, that they want their device to be able to dispense all kinds of grown-up drinks: cider, liquor, cocktails — you name it.

A machine like this might be closer to becoming a reality than you think. Keurig already sells cocktail mixers for the Kold… and instant beer is already a thing that exists.

That’s thanks to inventive folks like the crew at Pat’s Backcountry Beverages. They currently offer three different beers that ship in small packets that you prep for consumption by placing them in a special bottle with an activator and adding water.

Keurig Is Working On An Instant Beer And Cocktail Machine -

Pat’s system is aimed at those who need to travel light (backpackers, campers, etc.), but it’s easy enough to see the benefits of their system for a massive brewer like InBev. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to package and ship beverages in a concentrated form.

As cool as this machine sounds, Keurig might face the same struggle they did with the Kold. They just weren’t able to convince people that the promise of freshly-crafted soft drinks wasn’t a big improvement over being able to crack open one that’s already made.

The pricey pods might have had something to do with consumers’ reaction to the Kold, too. If you can find any now, they’re selling for two to three bucks for a soft drink? Seriously?

Keurig Is Working On An Instant Beer And Cocktail Machine –


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