Super Mario Land Gets Recreated in Mario Maker -

One of the best, but often overlooked, Super Mario games is Super Mario Land for the original Gameboy. It not only managed to contain everything people loved about the NES games but featured its own unique qualities as well. It’s a beloved title for those who have played it, so it should come as no surprise that someone has decided to recreate it within Super Mario Maker.

These Mario Maker levels were created by YouTuber KHAce, who had also recreated versions of Mega Man 1 and Kirby’s Dreamland. He managed to recreate all of Super Mario Land with some minimal adjustments. The submarine from world 2-3 was recreated by using the Koopa Clown Car, and all of the game’s bosses, including the final one, have been replaced by Bowser. It also has the same graphics of the first Super Mario Bros. game, but besides that, this is about as close to Super Mario Land as you can get outside of playing the original.

Personally speaking, I think this is brilliant. Super Mario Land was one of my favorites as a kid, so it’s awesome to see that there are others out there who love it as much as I do. Mario Maker may not be a traditional game, but it is a fantastic tool for users to create all sorts of Super Mario-inspired masterpieces. This Super Mario Land recreation has to be among the best out there.

If you own Super Mario Maker, make sure to check these levels out. Unfortunately, each level is separate, so you’ll have to download them individually. But if you play them in order it should feel like you’re taking a nice stroll through memory lane.

Here are all of the codes you’ll need. Enjoy!

1-1: 8088-0000-02E1-8DAB
1-2: 3eB9-0000-02E1-8E7E
1-3: 0BE6-0000-02E1-8F1B
2-1: 5751-0000-02E1-8FCF
2-2: E5C3-0000-02E1-90B3
2-3: 3624-0000-02E1-9251
3-1: BC22-0000-02E1-93EE
3-2: 20C5-0000-02E1-9504
3-3: 25B0-0000-02E1-963A
4-1: B108-0000-02E1-9772
4-2: EE82-0000-02E1-986D
4-3 (Level): 0103-0000-02E1-9992
4-3 (Tatanga Fight): ECCD-0000-02E1-9A32

Super Mario Land Gets Recreated in Mario Maker –


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