Build Your Own Arcade Joystick With Raspberry Pi -

As we’ve demonstrated before, the Raspberry Pi is an extremely flexible and awesome piece of equipment, and you can make some amazing creations with it if you’ve got the technical know-how. One of the latest projects someone has put together is an arcade joystick with a 3D-printed enclosure.

PinShaped user keganholtzhausen created the Raspberry Pi arcade joystick by embedding the small computer inside the casing, which is capable of running its own emulator with input from the arcade buttons and joystick. He summed up the project like this:

“This Arcade Joystick is printable on printers with at least 150x150x80 print beds. It houses 7 28mm buttons, a standard arcade joystick and still has space for a RaspberryPi and Joystick Controller.”

He went on to also describe the rest of what goes into bringing the joystick to life, including the type of buttons and switches, and controller parts. You can take all of this information posted up via PinShape and create your own with the design files. It probably isn’t the greatest project for beginner creators, but there’s a great challenge here for intermediate techies who want to make something with the little computer that could.

If you check out the arcade stick itself, you’ll see it’s also quite colorful and attractive, with a cover that looks quite awesome. It’s encouraging to think there are official-looking arcade sticks like these out there made by fans alone. There’s a whole wealth of other projects you can take on if you have some time, and the Raspberry Pi itself isn’t an expensive construct or anything like it. You can check out many of them on as we’ve covered a good portion of what’s out there, but it’s worth Googling around for other ideas if you don’t dig what we’ve already written about.

Build Your Own Arcade Joystick With Raspberry Pi –


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