NASA Has Big Things Planned for 2017 -

NASA has some big plans for 2017, and it could very well be the biggest year for the organization in some time. According to a recent article via Yahoo, NASA could be forging an increased partnership with private space programs and individuals with lots of money to bolster its most important goals, such as sending a manned flight to Mars by 2030.

If it sounds like a lofty goal, it is, but it’s time for us to work in that kind of capacity. These decisions have been made in part by Donald Trump’s ideology as presidents-elect, such as moving NASA’s focus away from research on Earth’s climate and more toward space flight and other space and exploration-related endeavors. It’s predicted that several events will unfold in 2017, in fact, and here’s just a few of them.

SpaceX Missions could be resuming as early as January 8th after a long period of rest when a Falcon 0 rocket exploded during testing. The company hasn’t been testing anything further since then, but we could be seeing it booting back up.

NASA’s Cold Atom Laboratory launch could be nigh as well, as NASA had looked into sending the lab to the International Space Station in April 2017 to allow researchers the use of microgravity conditions. They could study quantum phenomena that are imperceptible on Earth, making space the best place to perform this kind of research. There’s also the idea that NASA could very well be cutting costs and heavy reliance on Russian rockets for American astronauts in the future if a partnership with Russia is dissolved soon.

There’s also an interesting possible launch of a space-based internet that could require a company’s $1 billion in financing to begin researching (OneWeb, to be precise). This would mean an extremely important stride forward for the internet as a whole if NASA decides to proceed.

It could be an extremely different and scientifically progressive year for the organization, and these are just some of the possible happenings that could occur. We’ll have to keep our eyes open going forward.

NASA Has Big Things Planned for 2017 –


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