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We’re about to turn into an infomercial: do you often have bad hair days? Is your hair brittle and dry, and you can’t figure out how to fix it?

Withings has paired up with Kérastase and L’Oréal, two major hair beauty companies, to bring consumers the hairbrush of the future. The Kérastase Hair Coach was announced at CES in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

The Hair Coach is basically a smart hairbrush that seeks to determine the health of your hair while you perform your everyday brushing routine.

Withings, a company that specializes in sensor technology and app connectivity, have incorporated some sensors into the brush, including a microphone, 3-axis load cells, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and conductivity sensors. Everything works together to determine the health of your hair–from hair elasticity to split ends.

The microphone, for example, can capture soundwaves to identify any breakage or dryness while the gyroscope helps to determine how hard you brush and how fast.

The data is picked up as soon as the brush senses that you’re using it and uses Bluetooth to transmit everything to an app on your smartphone that gives you a health score (on both iOS and Android). If your hair is in need of assistance, it can provide tips and product recommendations.

The app also takes into account environmental factors that could be messing up your do, like humidity, temperature, and wind conditions.

Look, I have very short hair. I’ve been dying it consistently for over a decade. I know it’s over-processed and brittle. I don’t need a smart brush to let me know how much I’ve messed up my locks.

But maybe you would. I keep my hair short partly because it’s a lot easier to manage and because I can easily find any problem spots. If your hair is more unwieldy, you might need some assistance.

The market for a smart brush seems small, especially when many issues are visible. Look in the mirror, see that you have split ends, and then Google how to fix them. I use a hair masque because I do my research, and all of that information is easy to find. And it doesn’t cost $200, which is the projected retail price for it.

It’s unclear what products the app would recommend, but if it provides the information for Kérastase and L’Oréal products, isn’t that biased? There are dozens of other hair products that will probably get ignored if they’re not associated with these two brands. Again, why would you pay this much money for a Kérastase or L’Oréal machine when other products could possibly be better for you?

Plus, why would you buy a hairbrush for around $200 when you can get a basic one for $10 and then just look up ways to keep your hair healthy?

It all seems unnecessary, but I guess if you have the money to spare you can get this really expensive hairbrush.

The Hair Coach is expected to be available in fall 2017.

Kérastase Hair Coach Hopes to Be the Hairbrush of the Future – Geek.com


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