Dell's New 27-Inch Monitor is Crazy Thin -

Dell has produced some pretty nice displays over the years. At the 2017 installment of CES, they’ve just announced the thinnest one they’ve ever created.

That little beaut with the razor-thin bezels is the Dell Ultrathin 27, and it lives up to its name in a couple of ways. One is its diagonal measurement, of course: it’s a 27-incher. The other is that it is indeed ultra-thin.

According to Dell, it boasts “the world’s overall thinnest profile.” From front to back, the Ultrathin 27’s display only spreads the micrometer a scant 6.9mm. To compare that to something else that’s widely regarded as being very, very thin, the iPhone 7 measures in at 7.1mm.

Apart from its razor-thin display, the Ultrathin 27 also features an HDMI input, USB-C connectivity, an audio-out jack, HDR support, and a slick mechanism that lets you rotate and pivot the display to any angle you want.

Dell hasn’t listed all the specifics yet, but they claim the Ultrathin 27 will feature better contrast and color range (up to 99% SRGB) than most of the consumer monitors on the market. Its 178-degree viewing angle is right up there with other top monitors.

If there’s one obvious knock on the Ultrathin 27 it’s that it’s not a 4k display — then again, not everyone cares about 4k just yet anyway. It features a Quad HD panel with a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and those who’ve spent eyes-on time with it say that it’s stunning.

Curious when you’ll be able to order one and how much it will cost you? Dell will start selling the Ultrathin 27 on March 23 for $699.99.

Dell's New 27-Inch Monitor is Crazy Thin –


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