Here's When You'll Be Able to Catch the Upcoming Nintendo Switch Presentation –

We’re still months out before we can finally get our hands on the Nintendo Switch since it made its proper debut via Nintendo in October. But that certainly doesn’t mean we’re not going to see more of it ahead of its official launch in March. Nintendo has been keeping much of the information about the Switch under wraps over the last few months, but come January 12th at 8 PM PT/ 11 PM ET we’re going to see a whole lot more of it. At long last!

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The Super Nintendo is Getting a New Fighting Game Next Year –

The Super Nintendo is one of the very best consoles every released and arguably Nintendo’s greatest system. It has been a very long time since we’ve seen a new game for the legendary console, but thanks to a team comprised of former SNK developers, those of us who still have SNES systems lying around will have an excuse to fire them up once more to play the upcoming fighter: Unholy Night.

Man Spends $1 Million of Stolen Money on Game of War –

The ironic thing about free-to-play games is that players tend to spend a great deal of real-world money on them via microtransactions. While some folks can go overboard with how much money they put into a mobile game, most tend to keep themselves in check and not go wild. But what would happen if a player had near limitless funds? How much could a person actually spend on a free-to-play game? We now have an answer to this question.

VIVE X加速器20家初创公司展示成果,技术和内容团队都有HTC挑出的种子选手

VIVE X加速器20家初创公司展示成果,技术和内容团队都有HTC挑出的种子选手

12月13日,HTC旗下的VIVE X全球虚拟现实加速器在北京举办了第一期扶持公司的成果展示会。VIVE X设有1亿美元的基金,用来扶持具有潜力的创业公司。除了资金支持,他们也会向入驻加速器的企业提供技术支持,协助打磨产品,以及带来更多展示与宣传的机会。