Watch the Gifted and Talented Program Live on Facebook 12/15! | Culture |

A lot of entities will try to convince the masses to part with their money this holiday season, but we here at at least want you to have a good time while we’re pitching you products. On Thursday December 15, the Gifted and Talented Program streams live over on the Geek Facebook page. Hosted by the team in New York City, the five-hour show will feature guests, giveaways, skits, and demos entertaining viewers will also showing off some of the hottest products for the holidays.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up!

Watch the Gifted and Talented Program Live on Facebook 12/15! | Culture |


At noon EST we’ll kick things off wearing our Busted Tees and explaining just what the hell this show is. We’ll also start building our TMNT Mega Bloks set and fire up our 3D printer, which we’ll check in on throughout the show.

Instrument 1

At 12:30 our friends at Artiphon will stop by the show off Instrument 1, a smart musical instrument that helps people of any skill level discover the joy of composition. We’ll try to play some live vaporwave with it.

Dollar Shave Club: Furby Edition

At 12:45 we’ll induct a new member into the Dollar Shave Club by shaving a Furby. As we scrape the fur off this latest version of Hasbro’s toy, we’ll also let you know all about the shaving subscription service.

Cosplay Gift Guide

At 1 we’re showing off costume pieces that’ll make great holiday gifts for the cosplayers in your life.

Game of the Year: Live!

At 1:15 we’re doing a special live version of Geek’s world-famous Game of the Year column. We’ll demo some of the year’s best video games on a top-of-the-line Razer gaming PC.

MovieBob in the Building

At 1:45 we’re talking to Geek’s resident film critic Bob “MovieBob” Chipman about the best movies of 2016. Get ready for nothing but nonstop Batman v. Superman praise.

Talking Star Trek

At 2:15 Jordan Hoffman of Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast, is stopping by to talk all things Tribble.

Box Expertise

At 2:30 Box Expert Will Greenwald joins us to show all the cool curios you can get shipped to your house every month thanks to our friends at Loot Crate.

Crunchyroll Roulette

At 3:00 we’re firing up Crunchyroll and diving straight into the anime dumpster. How much random anime roulette can our poor hosts handle before they become kawaii AF?

Into the Echoside with Cannabis Tech

At 3:30 you’re getting two segments for the price of one. Not only are we showing off the Insane Clown Posse tabletop game Into the Echoside, but we’re also talking about the latest in cannabis tech.

Project Triforce

At 3:45 we’ll check out some of the coolest prop replicas from our friends at Project Triforce. Ever wanted to see a real Gears of War Lancer or Halo Plasma Rifle? This is your chance.

Super Mario Run

At 4:15  we’re playing Super Mario Run, the iPhone debut of Nintendo’s mascot. We’ll also be comparing which phone cases give us the best scores in a highly scientific test.

Nerf Punisher

At 4:30 we’ll finish things off with a visit from the Nerf Punisher. What other dark surprises are in store?

So yeah, drop whatever you’re doing, cancel all of your other plans, and strap in for the Gifted and Talented Program live on Facebook Thursday, December 15 starting at noon EST. See you there!

Watch the Gifted and Talented Program Live on Facebook 12/15! | Culture |


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