Make Your Raspberry Pi More Festive By Turning It Into A Christmas Tree | Tech |

Credit: The Pi Hut

Do you have a Raspberry Pi? Is it not looking quite festive enough? You might consider turning your little computer that could into something more exciting and appropriate for the holidays. Thanks to The Pi Hut, you can do just that with only a few special items and instructions. Don’t worry. It comes pre-cut. You don’t have to chainsaw through any Pi parts and risk ruining the tech. That would be terrible. Please don’t do that.

The Pi Hut’s special Christmas tree board kit has you assembling a cute little tree complete with 25 individually controlled LED lights, including 24 red and one white for the star at the top, and special “stars” cut at various PCB depths so the lights can shine throughout the entire tree. You can even fill in the “To/From” section if you want to play Santa and give one of these babies out as a gift.

For $12, you get everything you need to put the little computer together, including:

1 x 3D Tree PCB
24 x Red 3mm LED
1 x White 3mm LED
25 x 120-ohm resistors
1 x Right angle 2×20 header
1 x Right angle 20 way snap off headers

The Pi Hut will no doubt sell several of these babies, and you can pick it up right here. Currently, they’re still in production, but you should be able to nab one over the next few weeks or so.

If you’re just interested in the Pi for functionality and couldn’t care less about a Christmas tree pattern, however, you can pony up for a regular Pi here. Then you can take part in all the awesome projects out there. There’s a project for you no matter your skill level, so all you need to do is investigate what’s out there and you’ll find something super cool to make over the holidays.

Make Your Raspberry Pi More Festive By Turning It Into A Christmas Tree | Tech |


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