Apple Enlisting Drone Army In War On Google Maps | Tech |

It’s been a long time since a subpar Apple Maps experience led someone into the middle of nowhere, but Google still rules the mapping games. Apple’s not about to give up, and they’re turning to drones for help.

Last September, Apple applied for an exemption with the FAA to launch a fleet of commercial drones. In March of this year, the FAA responded with an approval. There are several caveats: drones must be flown by professionals who remain within the line of sight, flying is mostly limited to daylight hours, and the drones aren’t supposed to do any flying over people or buildings.

Those restrictions seem pretty tight, but Apple may still have enough leeway there to accomplish what they want to with their drones. Bloomberg reports that the plan is to do things like track construction progress, examine street signs, and make sure buildings are correctly identified.

Don’t worry about how creepy it sounds that Apple’s going to have a fleet of drones flying around imaging everything in public. It’s really no different than the 3D mapping program they kicked off in 2012 that used military-grade gear mounted in airplanes…. which, well… also sounded pretty creepy.

Ultimately, Apple’s goal is to deliver a Maps experience to users that’s better than Google Maps. Google has a massive head start, but Apple’s deep pockets and willingness to acquire companies that mesh with its plans will help them gain ground. In the past three years alone, Apple has brought WifiSlam,Locationary, HopStop, Embark, Broadmap, Coherent Navigation, and Mapsense into the fold.

Apple Enlisting Drone Army In War On Google Maps | Tech |


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