Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

We may be more than half a year out from new episodes from Game of Thrones on HBO, but that doesn’t mean the aura of one of the most popular television shows in history doesn’t permeate every gift-giving occasion between here and there. If you’re the type of fan who offers bread and salt at your viewing parties to make the guests feel safe (just don’t play “The Rains of Castamere”), then you’re also the type of seeding geek who likes to share their obsessions with their friends and family. From the lighthearted to the hardcore, we’ve assembled a series of gift bannermen to aid you in gifting the major fans and the uninitiated to Game of Thrones. 

The World Of Ice and Fire

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

If you’re going to buy one thing on this list for someone that is an active watcher of Game of Thrones and/or an active reader of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, it has to be this. The World of Ice and Fire is a 336-page coffee table book with beautiful full-color illustrations of your favorite Westerosi locations and historical events combined with text by Martin himself. Follow the history of the entire fictional world, learn the details of the reign of the Targaryens and connect the dots to try and decode what the future of the world might be come Game of Thrones Season 7 and The Winds of Winter (book 6…coming eventually).

Get the hardcover on Amazon. Buy it here!

A Song of Ice and Fire Five Book Set

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

Speaking of books, it’s never too late to engage with the sad tale of the family Stark the way it was meant to play out: on the page of a fantasy novel! George R.R. Martin dreamt up an entire world to support his planned seven book narrative and has seen it become super-profitable as the progress of his writing has slowed. It’s gotta be hard work being George R.R. Martin, writing your penultimate chapter to a book series as the television show based on your series draws to a close, but that also means that the A Song of Ice and Fire diehards will be steeped in Westeros for much longer than the only-show-watchers. Tis the season to buy this box set and begin your long catch-up. Don’t worry; you’ve got some time.

Get it in leather-bound or paperback versions on Amazon. Buy it here!

Inside HBO: Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition.

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

This one is an oldy-but-goodie, which means you’ll have to find it through a third-party seller, but if you can find one (or if Amazon can link you to one), it’s one of those “Collector’s Edition” items that is actually deserving of the the title. Mostly covering seasons one and two of Game of Thrones, the book inside the fancy case has details about the characters and the production of the show, and the case also includes a book of storyboards from artist Will Simpson and two maps: one of Westeros and one of Essos. There were once a few ways to get your hands on these official maps, but that was years ago and now the Inside HBO: Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition is the best remaining avenue.

Look for it at your local bookshop or see if Amazon has some on tap. Buy it here!

A real-life Needle for whatever you need it for

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

There are a lot of cool weapons on Game of Thrones if weapons are your thing. Assuming you are not just going for a night of cosplay drinking, then you also don’t want some cheap slouch weapon in your possession. That means you’re going to end up at Valyrian Steel at some point – the makers of officially licensed Game of Thrones armor and weaponry. Be specific about what you’re after, as all of these pieces are perfectly made and therefore pretty pricey. The best band for your buck, in my opinion, is to get a version of Needle you can mount on your wall. Unlike other swords in the T.V. series that have changed hands or been melted down, Needle has always remained in possession of Arya, even when she didn’t have a name. Plus, who has $300 to drop on a replica of the Hound’s Helm? (If you do, you should get that).

Gotta order this stuff from Valyrian Steel itself. Buy it here!

Eddark Stark (?) Mobile Case

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

Cover your iPhone or iPad like you are the Hand of the King with an Eddard Stark Mobile Case! The outer leatherwork pattern with metal studs is pretty sweet, as is the leather strap to keep the whole contraption closed, but what makes this particular case better than the others is the sigil of the Hand of the King on the front, so everyone who watches Game of Thrones knows that you are on the king’s business. There’s also flaps for your cards on the inside. None of this particularly screams “Eddard Stark,” but a Hand of the King case is a Hand of the King case by any other name.

From $9.99-$21.99 from ThinkGeek. Buy it here!

Valar Dohaeris Beer

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

If you look back on Game of Thrones product lists of old, chances are you’ll find an Ommegang beer from the Game of Thrones line on it. The brewery partnered with HBO at the start of Season 3 to produce the Iron Throne Blonde Ale. Since, they’ve spun out Take The Black Stout, Fire and Blood Red Ale, Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale, Three-Eyed Raven Dark Saison, Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale and this season’s’ Valar Dohaeris Trippel Ale. You’ll have to check the company’s website or your local liquor store to see if they scored any of the brews, but if you score one of the special Valar Dohaeris/Valar Morghulis gift packs, a glass is included (also you’ll be pretty toasted).

Find it if you can! Try the beer tracker here!

Iron Throne Bathroom Wall Decal

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

If you have 20 inches by 23 inches of blank wall space above your toilet, do I have the gift for you and your housemates (family, maybe? – I don’t want to assume). Yeah, it makes your toilet into the Iron Throne with a decal. The use of negative space for the hilts that plume into a peacocking of sword blades means that you’ll probably need precise application, so it doesn’t look like a messed-up toilet Statue of Liberty, but if executed correctly it makes you feel better, it makes your guests feel better and what more could you want in the field of products that make use of a toilet/throne pun?

Grab it from Amazon. Buy it here!

Feast of Ice and Fire Official Game of Thrones Cookbook

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

The book from the long-time A Song of Ice and Fire food bloggers (yes, it’s a thing) from is more than just Game of Thrones themed recipes; it’s about medieval cooking by region of Westeros. No, that’s not made up, it’s a real thing! Split into The Wall, The North, The South, King’s Landing, Dorne, and Across the Narrow Sea, most of the recipes are based on an existing, but old, one that has been adapted to modern measurements and cooking methods. Recipes that might have changed in taste over the years even come in medieval and modern versions, so you can choose what type of leek soup you desire. There are a lot of lesser Game of Thrones cookbooks out there, but this is the real deal.

Where fine books are sold (and on Amazon). Buy it here!

Hodor Door Stop

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

Spoilers, I guess? It’s been awhile since we got to learn the devastating truth behind Hodor’s name, but once you’ve seen the scene, it’s a truth you can’t unlearn. Maybe you’ve even attended a convention with a well-mannered, door-holding Hodor making the best of his (or her) cosplay. As I’m sure, you thought when you learned the horrible secret: a Hodor doorstop is a joke that’s pretty obvious. There are a few different options out there, and one that looks like actor Kristian Nairn, but this 3D printed one has a Stark wolf, a little relief of a Hodor and the name on top, so when guests see it they’re like: “Aw, a joke,” then after a second: “Aw, poor Hodor.”

If you want the 3D printed one pictured, buy it here!

“That’s What I Do, I Drink, and I Know Things” T-Shirt

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |

There are a few memorable lines worth getting printed on t-shirts, mugs, and goblets from the six existing seasons of Game of Thrones, but the winner of all turns of phrase for the geek who likes to imbibe is Tyrion Lannister’s “That’s what I do, I drink, and I know things.” As geeks, we know things – it is our blessing and our curse. If you like to drink, then that could be your entire purpose: drink and know things. You can get this on a shot glass, pint glass or simple mug, but nothing can beat the tried-and-true t-shirt so you can let your geek Game of Thrones banner fly the second you enter a room.

T-shirt it up and buy it here!

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide | Deals |


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