Your Next iPhone Could Have a Curved OLED Display | Tech |

The iPhone 8 probably won’t arrive until 2018, but we should see an iPhone 7S launching next year… and there’s talk that it could arrive with stunning, curved OLED display.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has placed an order with some of its suppliers for just such a display. There have been rumblings about a switch to OLED before, though we heard that Apple wasn’t planning to make the switch until 2018.

If that’s still the case, WSJ’s sources in the supply chain may actually be providing parts for very early iPhone 8 prototypes. Their report does note, however, that Apple is currently evaluating more than ten different options. Any one of those could find its way into the iPhone 7S so that you could see a less significant shift next year — say, a flat OLED panel — and the bigger change could be saved for the version bump.

No matter which way Apple decides to go, the time has come for a change. According to reviews of the iPhone 7’s display, Apple has pushed LCD about as far as it can go. The experts at DisplayMate said that this year’s model “is visually indistinguishable from perfect.”

How do you improve on perfection? Well, maybe you don’t… at least not in 2017. Some industry insiders think that the iPhone 7’s display is good enough to use it again next year. Waiting until 2018 to make the change might just make more sense.

If they do, it won’t be the other big change we see in the iPhone. We’ve already seen a fair number of rumors circulating about Apple’s next major update. Some sources believe that Apple is going to introduce its first iPhone with a ceramic chassis. Others say what wireless charging will finally be added and that testing has already begun. And the iPhone 8 Plus may be more Plus than ever — if that 5.8-inch display actually happens.

Your Next iPhone Could Have a Curved OLED Display | Tech |


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