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Autonomous driving on the highway? That’s nothing. Take a look at what a Tesla with the company’s new, more advanced hardware and software can do in a busy suburban environment.

The video, uploaded to the company’s official Vimeo channel last week, makes it very clear what’s going on. The car is doing all the driving you’re about to watch. The “driver?” He’s just keeping the seat warm and taking care of the legal CYA stuff.

This is the short version, because Yakety Sax. Ther’s a longer version available if you feel like drooling over what an AI-driven car can do for another 60 seconds or so.

The hardware required to enable Tesla’s Autopilot 8.1 features is already in the vehicles they’re delivering to their customers. The software, however, wasn’t quite ready to ship yet. In about three weeks’ time, says couch-surfing billionaire CEO Elon Musk, the update will begin rolling out.

When it does, Tesla owners will be able to take advantage of some seriously cool functionality like seek mode self-parking. When it’s engaged, a Tesla will drop its passengers off (say, at the door to a store or restaurant) and then dutifully roll away to find a parking space. An improved version of Tesla’s summon feature means its cars will be able to navigate more complex environments when drivers request a pick-up.

Ultimately, Tesla plans to deliver complete door-to-door autonomy. There are still a few legal hurdles standing in the way, obviously, but Musk thinks that we could see fully-autonomous Teslas chauffeuring people around as soon as next year.

Tesla’s More Advanced Autopilot Arrives Next Month | Tech | Geek.com


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