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If you’re as excited for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as we are, then you might want to get a head start on tickets, as opening night screenings just went on sale.

Advance tickets went on sale early Monday morning EST for all screenings, including a few special ones in IMAX 2D on a 70mm screen.

IMAX announced that people who attend certain screenings are in for small giveaways. Viewers who attend on opening night will receive an exclusive poster, and those who go to showings on Christmas and New Year’s Day are also in for special posters.

While expectations for Rogue One are high, they don’t reach the same level for executives as The Force Awakens did. Disney chief Bob Iger said “We never felt it would do the level that Force Awakens did” due to it being a separate story in the Star Wars universe and not attached to any new franchise.

However, Iger changed his tone based on the response to the trailers, saying “the level of interest [in Rogue One] is as high as it was for Force Awakens.”

Rogue One tickets didn’t go on sale as early as they did for Force Awakens–they went up two weeks before release date versus nearly two months in Force Awakens’ case–but movie tickets sites are already seeing similar slowdowns. People reported that sites like Fandango had crashed due to the load, with some customers waiting hours to make their purchase. Fandango announced shortly after sales went live that it had created a waiting room.

Due to an overwhelming amount of traffic, a wait room has been activated. Get #RogueOne tickets soon, you will. https://t.co/Hw6l2LkDYZ pic.twitter.com/4XiYvTMRhT

— Fandango (@Fandango) November 28, 2016

Of course, that means that competitive sites like Atom Tickets to swoop in and attempt to snatch a few customers.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters on Dec. 16. In the meantime, Disney has released a brand new trailer with new footage, including more humorous moments for Alan Tudyk’s K-2SO, a Jyn Erso flashback, and more shots from inside the Death Star.

‘Rogue One’ Gets New Trailer As Tickets Go on Sale | Movies | Geek.com


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