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Hayao Miyazaki fans are usually voracious when it comes to checking out what the prolific and beloved creator has brought to fruition. So the NI-Tele Really BIG Clock, or the giant clock at the Shiodome section of Tokyo at Nippon Television’s headquarters is a big draw for fans of Miyazaki’s work. He designed it, after all.

The clock itself is made of over 20 tons of copper and steel, and it’s three stories high at 60 feet wide. But it’s more than just a boring old clock. It’s got 30 diferent mechanical vignettes that play at certain hours of the day, including a wheel spinner, boiling teapot, cannons, blacksmiths, and more. The design itself is somewhat reminiscent of a cuckoo clock or special tin toys.

The clock itself runs Monday through Friday, though it has some special shows as well on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re looking to visit, the shows start four minutes ahead of the hour, and you can see them from around the Nippon TV tower. There’s so much detail that’s gone into the impressive clock that you’ve simply got to see it in person if you’re a fan of his work or even just great craftsmanship. It’s been likened to his work on the film Howl’s Moving Castle, so if you enjoy that movie particularly, there’s a lot to love about this work as well.

If you’re looking for recommendations on which Miyazaki films you should check out and are totally inspired by the clock, however, the answer to that question is all of them. Personal favorites, however, include Princess Mononoke, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro. Honestly, you could pick a point within his catalogue and just start viewing from there if you really wanted to. You can’t go wrong. There’s something awesome for every member of the family.

Hayao Miyazaki Designed An Awesome Clock | Culture | Geek.com


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