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While Pokémon Go’s fallen pretty far, it remains one of the most popular apps of all time with over 500 million downloads to date. That’s despite the developer, Niantic, gutting many of its most important features, including the beloved Pokémon Tracker — which helped players hone in on the real-world locations of Pokémon.

As part of their big Thanksgiving promotion (which provides double experience for most in-game actions), Niantic has rolled out a stealthy update for everyone in the western half of the US and Canada. The update includes a major expansion for the beta version of a new tracker. It’s been available in areas like San Francisco for a while, but with this update, Niantic is likely looking to expand their tests and make sure that it’ll work for everyone before doing a full rollout. For now, though, it only works for users west of the Mississippi River.

There’s another interesting addition, though, and this one’s for anyone who plays Pokémon Go anywhere in the world: the long-awaited Ditto. Ditto is special because it can transform into any Pokémon it sees. Over the past few hours, players from all over the world have been reporting Ditto sightings typically after catching a relatively common Pokémon like Pidgey or Rattata. After a successful capture, Ditto reveals itself and goes into the Pokedex like any other.

Pokémon Go Finally Gets Ditto via Stealth Update | Games | Geek.com

One of the big questions fans have been wondering is how Ditto might work for battles in the game… and it turns out it’s exactly what we all suspected. When a player takes on a gym, Ditto will transform into the first Pokémon it sees, and then you keep battling as that Pokémon until you get to the end.

Those of you who may remember the Articuno kerfuffle from a few months back might be a little skeptical, but Niantic has confirmed that starting today Ditto is available to catch for everyone — but it will only reveal its true form after it’s been caught. It’s likely this is meant to take some of the sting out of catching your 11 billionth Pidgey.

Pokémon Go Finally Gets Ditto via Stealth Update | Games | Geek.com


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