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Titanfall 2 may not be doing great sales-wise but it has something that could help it in the long run: free DLC. We’ve known about the game’s free DLC model for some time but didn’t know when it would arrive or what it would contain. Today, Respawn Entertainment has at last outlined what the first downloadable content will be.

The first DLC will be called Angel City’s Most Wanted, which has an all-new map, weapons, Titan kits, and more. The Angel City map is new to Titanfall 2 but not to the series since it appeared in the original Titanfall. Those who pre-ordered the game will have access to the map on November 30 while everyone else will get it on December 3.

The new Titan Kits have options and attacks that will help give players an edge on the battlefield. These kits include Refraction lens for Ion, Scorched Earth for Scorch, Threat Optics for Northstar, Burst Loader for Tone, Hidden Compartment for Legion, and Phase Reflex for Ronin. On top of that, there is a new execution move for pilots as well as a Wingman Elite Pistol.

Respawn has also listed some of the things players can look forward to in 2017. This includes Game Mode Twists, which will provide players with semi-regular events that change the rules of certain games, Double XP weekends, recognition for the top in-game community networks, and social giveaways every Wednesday.

Though Respawn itself is unsure about the possibility of a Titanfall 3, it seems committed to making Titanfall 2 not only a better game, but one that is decidedly more consumer friendly. Now that both Respawn and Ubisoft have embraced a policy of giving players free DLC, we should keep an eye out and see if other big developers and publishers follow suit.

For more information on Angel City’s Most Wanted, make sure to follow this link. Titanfall 2 is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Titanfall 2’s Upcoming Free Map is a Blast From the Past | Games | Geek.com


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