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Pokémon Sun and Moon were released last week. And… they’re pretty damned great. They switch up the aging Pokemon formula in some snazzy new ways and restructure much of the minute-to-minute play to cut down on tedium and refocus on the most compelling part about battles — strategy. But it hasn’t been all roses, as some fans are reporting glitches and other technical issues as well as permanent bans for pirated copies.

Let’s start with some of the technical issues. While it’s a bit difficult to confirm, I noticed with my own press copy that there were some big framerate issues on the 3DS that weren’t there on the New 3DS. And if that sounds a bit confusing, blame Nintendo’s product naming. The New 3DS is a slightly more robust system that still plays 3DS games, but also includes a second control stick and eye-tracking to help improve the 3D feature. It may also be why triple battles are all but gone from the games, as rendering six different Pokemon on screen at once might simply be too much for the older 3DS system. Gone too are swarm battles with wild Pokemon, where you’d put one of your monsters against up to five low-level ones.

Also, worth noting are some strange bugs that some players have been finding. In a piece on Kotaku, Brian Ashcraft dug up some weird graphical issues that cause people characters to appear… well, distorted on-screen. These don’t seem to be widespread, however, and many are difficult to replicate reliably. Still, it’s not uncommon for games to have a few bugs, especially at launch, and since none of these appear to be game-breaking, it’s probably not something to worry about.

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On the Pokémon and Pokémon Sun and Moon subreddits, some players who pirated the game ahead of release have been complaining about total bans from Nintendo’s online services. Players who have been hit with Error Code 002-0102 can’t access anything online — including the Nintendo eShop. We knew about all this last week, but it seems that Nintendo’s buckled down, refusing to lift the bans after repeated pleas from Pirates. And, over on the 3DS hacks subreddit, a number of players have tried to circumvent the restriction by modifying security files on their 3DS, but none have reported any success.

Many of the ban-ees have been pretty peeved saying that they “will never buy anything from Nintendo again. Fuck them.” While I can get the frustration, it’s pretty hard to feel bad for people who not only pirated the game but broke the cardinal rule of playing pre-release code by going online and trying to use multiplayer features before the game was even out.

That said, it also seems some legitimate copies were taken caught up in the kerfuffle and taken offline prematurely. Many, many stores here in the states broke street date for Sun and Moon, and I know of at least one friend that got kicked from Nintendo’s online services even though she bought her copy legally. Later, she said that she was able to get her account restored by calling Nintendo and providing proof that she bought the game.

So far, that’s it, but stay tuned as we’ll have plenty of coverage on some of the bigger post-game secrets in the next few days. It’s only been a few days since Sun and Moon launched, but fans are already digging through the game’s secrets, and unearthing some pretty cool — and weird — secrets.

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Launch has Been… Interesting | Games | Geek.com


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