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Do you like Doom? Do you have a new MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar? This bit of news should perk you right up, especially if you’re down from all the haters talking about the Bar itself. As it turns out, the Bar can actually run classic first-person shooter Doom. Yes, you read that right.

It’s something of a litmus test to see how many pieces of tech can run Doom, and it’s been ported to several interesting items in the past, so it makes sense that the Touch Bar would be next. It has much of the same components as an Apple Watch, so of course it’s powerful enough to play Doom. Why wouldn’t it be?

Side note, as ridiculous (ly amazing) as Doom is running on the Touch Bar is… the HUD is equally great

— Adam Bell (@b3ll) November 20, 2016

iOS developer Adam Bell is responsible for this awesome display of technical prowess, but despite his best efforts it’s just not that feasible to play with a 2170 x 60 resolution. Bell also opted to take Doom’s iconic HUD and place it on the Touch Bar. If you don’t want to actually play the game, it makes for an awesome look on the MacBook Pro itself, like a really cool piece of decor. It’s way more interesting than the colorful snap-on cases most of us have on our MacBooks, anyway.

This isn’t the first hack for the Touch Bar, of course, and it won’t be the last. It practically cries out to be customized, as there’s a special one for Nyan Cat and probably dozens more out there. Out of what’s available, however, the Doom mod is by far the coolest just yet. As an aside, if you haven’t played the 2016 reboot of Doom, you should remedy that at your earliest convenience. You’ll need something a little more powerful if you want to play on a laptop, but definitely keep it on your to-do list.

Here’s Doom Running On The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar | Tech |


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