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A large portion of DC fans will tell you that the best Batman isn’t Adam West or Michael Keaton or Christian Bale. It’s Kevin Conroy, the voice of the caped crusader in the landmark Batman: The Animated Series and the entire DC Animated Universe that cartoon spawned. 15 years later, that universe expanded with Justice League and highlighted another performer’s definitive take on an iconic DC superhero: Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman. For both the 15th anniversary of Justice League the cartoon and the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman the character, we got the chance to talk with Eisenberg about what it’s like to play everyone’s favorite animated Amazon.


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硅谷一周融资速报: 19 家公司获总计超3.35亿美元融资

硅谷一周融资速报: 19 家公司获总计超3.35亿美元融资

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