It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for the next season of Attack on Titan, the intense and violent anime series that broke through the genre divide in America back in 2013. We’re desperately close to a second season, but there’s some stuff we still don’t know.

One of the biggest questions that the start of the new season will address is the revelation from the end of season one: what’s with the Titan in the walls? A preview promo released shows a priest from the religious organization that worships the towering walls that protect the city from the Titans. Hange Zoë, one of the squad leaders who has been researching the Titans, questions him about it.

A leaked version of the promo is below with subtitles (the author said there’s random music in it to avoid copyright claims).

Readers of the manga can guess where the anime story will go from here. The first season stayed very loyal to the original source material, often translating panels directly from paper to screen (sometimes to its detriment), so it’s safe to say the second season will too. The second season has taken so long to premiere partially due to how the manga didn’t have enough chapters to justify another 25 or 26 episodes.

Since the first season covered four story arcs, it’s also possible the next season will as well. Without spoilers, here are some potential reveals: another monstrous titan, the identities of two other titans, and the back stories most of the other members of the Survey Corps.

If we’re lucky, the anime will have caught up with the manga enough so that we can see what’s in the basement.

There have been some discrepancies surrounding a premiere date. Rumors put it in February 2017, but Inquisitr, citing anime release schedules, said that was unlikely. Anime are released in three-month cycles, so considering the first season premiered in April, it was likely the new season will as well. At a reading event, the cast confirmed that it’d premiere in spring 2017.

The series is incredibly popular in Japan, having spawned video games, a prequel light novel, two live-action movies and a live-action miniseries, and a spinoff manga where they’re all in junior high school. Its original setting and terrifying monster designs–which basically amount to giant, deformed zombies that eat people–have made for a suspenseful page turner.

Attack on Titan has some pacing problems, especially as we get into these latest story arcs from the manga, and tends to drag out certain reveals for too long. I’m not expecting this to change in the anime, but a number of new questions posed (and questions answered) will be enough to make this another hit.

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