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“Legends of Tomorrow goes back to the old west this week. Liberty, Colorado in 1874, where we begin with an out-of-place-looking man scavenging near a mine. A group of outlaws ride up and tell him the mine’s been deserted. They threaten to shoot the man, and he tells them the mine is filled with a very rare and powerful element. He shows them a futuristic device that lets him track the metal. The outlaw shoots him and takes the tracker.

On the Waverider, the crew is trying to figure out what Damien Darhk and the mysterious speedster are planning. Martin and Jax argue in private about whether they should tell the rest of the crew about future-Barry Allen’s message. Martin begins to have headaches but insists he’s fine. He is not fine. Nate, meanwhile tries to find out where the amulet Darhk was trying to steal comes from. Nate isn’t happy that even as a superhero he has to spend most of his time in the library. His new machine, that allows him to detect anomalies in progress, starts spinning and the team finds out they’re headed to the old west.

They park their ship outside of Liberty and ride towards town, though Nate has some trouble riding a horse. They investigate some noise and find a group of outlaws about to hang their old friend Jonah Hex. Nate confronts them and turns into Citizen Steel to stop their bullets. Sarah shoots the rope around Jonah’s neck, saving his life.

Legends of Tomorrow Wins The West a Second Time | Television | Geek.com

They run into their old pal, Jonah Hex (Johnathon Schaech). (Photo: Screenshot via CW)

They take him back to the Waverider, where Hex can’t quite get over the idea that a woman is the captain. He says he ended up in the noose trying to collect a bounty on an outlaw Quentin Turnbull. Nate interrupts to say he’s found the anomaly they were looking for. Turnbull went on to form his own country, composed of all the land west of the Rocky Mountains. The legends team up with Jonah again to stop this from happening.

They walk into town and find that Turnbull owns everything. He’s been digging something out of a mine that’s made him rich. Sarah sends Mick into the saloon to cause some trouble and draw Turnbull out. Jax, Ray, and Nate pose as tax collectors to figure out how Turnbull got so rich. Again, Nate is disappointed that he has to do research while everyone else is playing cowboy.

Ray finds out about a nearby mining camp where Turnbull is stockpiling ore. They’re interrupted by Turnbull’s men, who are eager to shoot some tax collectors getting too close to the truth. Being superheroes, they fight them off easily. They put on the outlaw’s clothes and infiltrate the camp. Ray recognizes the metal almost instantly: Dwarfstar. It’s the same metal he used to power his atom suit. In huge quantities.

Legends of Tomorrow Wins The West a Second Time | Television | Geek.com

Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) enjoys a good shootout. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)

Mick is in the saloon, cheating at blackjack and taking all the money he can. Turnbull comes out and tries to intimidate him. Mick doesn’t back down, of course, but instead of starting a fight, the pair appears to become friends. They start drinking and laughing together, and Turnbull tells him all about his new country. Mick likes the idea.

Hex gets impatient with the plan and storms into the saloon to take Turnbull in. It turns out nearly everyone in the saloon is on Turnbull’s payroll. They all aim guns at Hex and Turnbull reveals he’s made a bullet out of dwarfstar. As he’s about to fire it at Hex, Sarah runs in and whips the gun, causing the bullet to miss and explode behind Hex. A massive wild west shootout breaks out. Jax, Ray, and Nate rejoin the group and Nate tries to block one of Turnbull’s special bullets with his steel skin. It turns out he can’t block a dwarfstar bullet.

The group goes back to the Waverider to tend to Nate’s wounds. Sarah demands to know why Hex is so intent on taking down Turnbull. He tells her that Turnbull burned down his hometown when it refused to pay protection money. Sarah tells him she understands revenge and promises to help capture Turnbull.

This whole time, Martin has stayed behind on the ship to figure out why he’s having headaches. The computer tells him his brain is working fine, but he keeps having visions of a woman he doesn’t recognize. Jax asks him what’s going on and Martin tells him everything. He says he has no idea who this woman is, but he knows she’s important.

Legends of Tomorrow Wins The West a Second Time | Television | Geek.com

Martin (Victor Garber) is having trouble with his brain. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)

Nate is feeling down after taking the bullet and Ray comforts him, saying that invulnerability doesn’t make him a hero, bravery in the face of fear does. He keeps rattling off aphorisms like that, when the phrase “train of thought” triggers a realization: Turnbull plans to use a train full of Dwarfstar to close Summit Pass, thereby cutting off the west from the rest of the United States.

Nate, Jax and Ray head to the tracks to stop the train, while everyone else goes to the mining camp to deal with Turnbull. Sarah asks Hex to put on some handcuffs, and she brings him to Turnbull. He takes Hex out to the mine to show him what he’s been working on. Meanwhile, Vixen and Heat Wave have filled the mine with dynamite and blew it up. The blast distracts Turnbull long enough for Hex to capture him. Not before beating him to a pulp, of course. Nate, over at the pass, has gotten in front of the train, braces himself against the tracks and turns into Citizen Steel. The track gets torn up pretty bad, but he’s able to stop the train.

Back on the Waverider, Sarah says goodbye to Hex and the ship takes off. Amaya offers to help Mick control the animal inside him. Jax and Martin theorize that his headaches may be caused by them inadvertently changing history when Martin met his younger self. He says he’s fairly certain that he loves her. He worries that he may have erased his relationship with Clarissa.

Legends of Tomorrow Wins The West a Second Time | Television | Geek.com

Ray (Brandon Routh) shows Steel his new suit. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)

Finally, we find out that Nate was able to salvage enough Dwarfstar for Ray to make a whole line of Atom suits. Before he does, he thanks, Nate by giving him his supersuit and a new name: Steel. Sarah interrupts their bro-session to tell them that their friends in 2016 need help, setting up the week after Thanksgiving’s four-night crossover.

Going into this week’s episode, I worried that retreading old ground by going back to the old west would make for a boring episode. It turns out their second trip was almost as fun as the first one. Legends of Tomorrow will never fully replace the Firefly-shaped hole in our hearts, but with an our of superheroes, time travel and cowboys, it comes close. It may not have moved the main storyline along much, but with the next episode being the giant crossover, we couldn’t expect it to. Ray’s getting his suit back, Nate has a new suit and everyone is ready for the giant crossover in two weeks.

Legends of Tomorrow Wins The West a Second Time | Television | Geek.com


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