‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Makes Zombies Feel New and Fun Again | Television | Geek.com

After last week’s boring, predictable trip to feudal Japan, Legends of Tomorrow needed a fast-paced, fun and just a little ridiculous episode like this to bounce back. The fact that it reminded us that zombies can still be fun, even after years of abuse from The Walking Dead is a nice bonus. We see another time traveler, a pirate, communicating with someone named Dontar about a heist he pulled off in 2235. He says they were able to smuggle the “TX-90” out, but one of his crew mates got infected and killed everyone. His ship crashes into Civil War-era America, where Confederate soldiers are pointing guns at him. They tell him not to move, but he begins to turn into a zombie.

New MacBook Pro Taken Apart by iFixit, Found to Contain (Not Very Repairable) Computer Parts | Tech | Geek.com

Apple announced new MacBook computers the other day, and one of them doesn’t have function keys. Instead, it’s got a touch bar display. Weird, right? That one isn’t out yet, but the new MacBook (the one with all the buttons) has fallen into the clutches of the electronic murderers at iFixit. Even if we don’t get to see how that touch bar looks on the inside, there’s a lot of new stuff to see in the 2016 MacBook Pro as its torn asunder.


今年9月1日,SpaceX 猎鹰9号火箭Falcon 9突然发生毁灭性爆炸,并当场把扎克伯格用于改善非洲互联网的Amos-6号卫星炸毁。而这也引起了有关部门的注意,SpaceX和Elon Musk接到了美国航天局的警告,NASA称猎鹰9号火箭灌装燃料的流程存在很大的危险,未来用作载人飞行任务并不合适。