American Horror Story’s Bloody, Disgusting Episode Means Halloween Isn’t over Yet | Television |

Even if last night’s American Horror Story wasn’t the scariest this season, it was definitely the most disturbing. It doubled down on everything we saw last week and gave us some unsettling imagery that will definitely stick with you. As we begin, Dominic is not handling real life horror well. Even though he just saw Agnes get hacked to death by the real butcher, he still wants to believe this is all part of the show, calling for Sydney to stop it. Shelby leads him to the basement and into the tunnel to escape. Their path is blocked by a ghostly figure. Dominic freaks, but Shelby says if it’s Mott, he could actually help. Well, it’s not Mott. It’s the Chen family, who after their murder, look and act a lot like Sadako from Ring.

给猪带“Apple Watch”?SmartAHC要把可穿戴设备瞄准新市场

上次全民讨论动物和可穿戴设备时,还是去年王思聪给他的爱犬王可可戴上了两只Apple Watch,而现在不妨换个思路,试想如果我们像监测人类健康那样检测猪的健康状况:通过全天候跟踪安装在动物身上的可穿戴设备,及时了解动物的体征状况以预防和应对潜在的疾病,是否能够给畜牧业的发展带来新的契机呢?

Video Game Reviews Are Good For You | Games |

Early last year, before GameTrailers went completely defunct, former Editor-in-Chief Shane Satterfield launched his new venture SIFTD Games. Creating a new gaming website these days is tough for anyone, but Satterfield’s years of experience and credibility made the site at least worth checking out. SIFTD provides a unique angle on games coverage. However, after using the site, I just can’t get past one of its major decisions. SIFTD seems to think that the ideal video game reviews are the ones that give you precisely what you think you want, not what you don’t yet know you need.