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Sorry to all Gordon/Valerie fans out there, it looks like their relationship is over. As this week’s Gotham begins, Jim is watching over Valerie in the hospital, feeling guilty that he got her shot. She wakes up and immediately breaks up with Jim. When he told the Hatter to kill Lee, she says, he knew he would do the opposite. He proved to her that he still loves Lee and because of that the two can’t be together. It’s too bad, really. We all knew this relationship wouldn’t last, but they had such great chemistry together, I was hoping it wouldn’t end just yet.

Before we can lament what could have been, we cut to the Hatter. Oh yes, he’s still around, and he’s gotten his hands on a virus called the Red Queen. He says the city took someone he loves from him, so he’s going to make it go insane. Hatter breaks into the morgue and steals his sister’s body. The police investigate the crime scene, and Jim tries to help. Barnes tells Jim that only cops are allowed to be there, and for once, Bullock agrees with him.

Gordon visits Lee at the hospital to apologize and sees the Hatter there. He gives chase, and Hatter surprises him with a face-full of Red Queen. Gordon lies on the ground and has hallucinations of being trapped in an elevator with Barbara. He gets off the elevator imagines searching for Bruce. When he finds him, Bruce shows him a pile of dead bodies and saying it’s all because of him.

Gordon is Finally Back Where He Belongs on Gotham | Television | Geek.com

Gordon has the trippiest hallucinations. (Erin Richards as Barbara Kean) (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)

He wakes up back in the elevator and Barbara brings him to the next floor. He imagines himself married to Lee with two kids. After promising them a dog, the lights flicker, his family disappears, and he’s back in the elevator. He demands to be taken back to them, and Barbara asks why he’s playing at being a private detective if he wants them so much. She gives him a key, saying it’s up to him whether he uses it or not. Gordon finds himself on the street with his father, who invites him into his car. Gordon talks to his father about why he’s afraid to be a cop.

Luscious visits Barnes and gives him the results of the tests on Alice’s blood. In every case, the rats went insane, turned violent and died. When Luscious says a cure could take years, Barnes says they only have a few hours. Hatter has bottled Alice’s blood and planned to release it on the city. Barnes interrogates a hospital employee and, through a little infected blood-induced rage, learns that Hatter and his goons were driving a catering van. He figures out that Hatter plans to release the virus at the state dinner that evening.

Meanwhile, Nygma has spent twelve hours with Isabelle, the riddle-loving woman from the end of last week’s episode. He returns to Penguin, who is devastated to find out that Nygma is in love with someone else. While Nygma prepares him for the state dinner, the Penguin finds out where Isabelle works and sends Nygma off to prepare for his date. In the meantime, Penguin visits Isabelle at the library where she works. He casually mentions that Nygma spent time in Arkham for murder. To make sure she’s scared away from him, Penguin tells Isabelle how much she looks like the woman Nygma killed.

Gordon is Finally Back Where He Belongs on Gotham | Television | Geek.com

The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) Tells Isabella (Chelsea Spack) about Nygma’s past. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)

At the state dinner, Penguin meets Katherine from the Court of Owls who says she’ll contact him when the time is right. Before he can learn anymore about her, Hatter runs in with a gun and hijacks the dinner. He’s about to force them to drink the wine, but the police arrive and capture him. Hatter laughs when he sees that Barnes is infected with his sister’s blood.

Nygma is on his date with Isabelle and confesses to her what he did to Ms. Kringle. She reveals she knows what he did and came on the date anyway. He’s the only man, she says, whose measured up to the great romantic heroes she’s read about. The Penguin walks in just as they share a kiss. He excuses himself to go to bed, obviously not happy that his plan to break them up failed.

We also check in with Bruce, as it’s been a while since we’ve seen him. Selena is coming over at 6:00 and Bruce are making dinner for her. Alfred promises to make himself scarce when the young lady arrives. It’s as adorable as it sounds. It almost seems like Selena isn’t going to show up, but she climbs in the window just as Alfred is about to pack the food up. Bruce is initially angry that Selena stood him up, but she admits she was late because them dating is weird for her. Bruce admits it’s weird for him too and they sit down for cake.

Gordon is Finally Back Where He Belongs on Gotham | Television | Geek.com

Bruce and Selina (Camren Bicondova) have their first date. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)

A nurse finds Gordon lying on the hospital floor and brings Mario to him. Mario revives him just as his father tells him the answers he seeks are in his ring. Once home, Gordon digs through his father’s old things and finds the ring. On it is the insignia “while we breath, we shall defend.” Gordon meets with Barnes and asks to rejoin the GCPD. Barnes happily welcomes him back. As the episode ends, Katherine meets with her boss. We don’t see his face, but he wears the same ring Gordon’s father wore.

By the end of this episode, we’re finally at the point we knew we’d arrive at all season. Gordon and Vale are over, and he’s rejoined the GCPD. We still don’t know a ton about the Court of Owls. Usually dragging a mystery like this out over so many episodes would get tiresome, but the Hatter was such a great villain, the Court didn’t matter the last few weeks. Now that his story seems to be drawing to a close, perhaps we’ll learn more about the Court of Owls in the coming weeks. I can’t help but think it isn’t completely over, though. This season is called “Mad City,” after all. Alice’s blood is still out there. And who better to make Gotham go mad than the Hatter?

Gordon is Finally Back Where He Belongs on Gotham | Television | Geek.com


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