Phil Spencer Doesn’t Know What Comes After Project Scorpio | Games |

It’s funny how things change in the world of video games. It wasn’t that long ago Nintendo was the company with the unclear future. The Wii U has been a disaster, the 3DS is looking old, and we didn’t know what the NX was. Now we know about the Switch and Nintendo has a plan that looks at the very least “promising.” Then there’s Sony, which has the PS4 Pro to tide us over until the inevitable PlayStation 5.

Gordon is Finally Back Where He Belongs on Gotham | Television |

Sorry to all Gordon/Valerie fans out there, it looks like their relationship is over. As this week’s Gotham begins, Jim is watching over Valerie in the hospital, feeling guilty that he got her shot. She wakes up and immediately breaks up with Jim. When he told the Hatter to kill Lee, she says, he knew he would do the opposite. He proved to her that he still loves Lee and because of that the two can’t be together. It’s too bad, really. We all knew this relationship wouldn’t last, but they had such great chemistry together, I was hoping it wouldn’t end just yet.