Legends of Tomorrow Gets Two New Superheroes, but Loses Another | Television | Geek.com

Well, Legends off Tomorrow needed to get out of World War II. They did, but the third episode of the season definitely felt more like filler than anything else. Nate has been sedated, being closely monitored by Martin and Ray to make sure the Nazi super serum Ray injected him with to save his life won’t make him turn into a barely-non-copyright-infringing rage monster. Before Ray can fully make his case, Vixen knocks both of them out. At the end of the last episode when she found Rex dying on the floor, his final words of “time traveler” convinced her that the legends were responsible for his murder.

Nintendo Switch Has A 6.2-inch 720p Multi-Touch Screen | Games | Geek.com

We finally got to see the Nintendo Switch (i.e. the artist formerly known as the NX) last week via a heavily produced video. The video itself didn’t give us a lot of information we didn’t already find out from all of those leaks, but it was nice to actually see what the system looks like. Nintendo won’t be releasing anything related to the console’s specs, price, and games until January 12, but thankfully, some insiders have dug up more info on the system.