Retro Freak Lets You Rip Your Classic Video Games And Take Them Anywhere | Games |

I brought back more than gashapon from Japan. I hit up four Super Potato stores, multiple Yodobashi and Bic Camera locations, and pretty much every storefront in Akihabara and came back with a bag full of classic video games. I’m talking Kirby’s Adventure, Shin Megami Tensei, Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special (complete in box), Super Mario Bros. (for Famicom, with the plastic cassette case), Xardion, Yoshi’s Island, lots of good stuff.

Civilization Is Being Backed Up In A Salt Mine | Tech |

It certainly doesn’t seem like our civilization is going to vanish from Earth any time soon, but you never know. The Romans probably didn’t think their empire was about to fall when barbarians showed up at the gates. The Memory of Mankind project aims to make sure we don’t lose all the knowledge we’ve accumulated in the event of disaster. How? They’re packing it all up and storing it in a salt mine.