Wait for Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch | Games | Geek.com

Between remakes and later variants of existing games, Pokemon handheld RPGs are almost an annualized franchise at this point. However, there’s still just enough time between brand new core entries to make the arrival of the next Pokemon generation feel like a true gaming event. That event is almost upon us again as Pokemon Sun and Moon for Nintendo 3DS are less than a month away. What we’ve seen so far has looked very promising, and you can even play a demo now.

MovieBob Review: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back | Movies | Geek.com

Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher books are about an ex-military crime-solving prodigy who’s built like brick shithouse, has a mind like a steel trap, and is basically good at fucking everything “because Army.” He travels the United States as a no-frills drifter using his exceptional skills to beat up bad guys and solve mysteries frequently relating to injustices perpetrated against his fellow servicemen. This  allows him to comfortably straddle a line between just patriotic enough to be righteous about the brotherhood of armed service while being rebellious and anti-establishment enough to defy cretinous superiors and brace at bureaucratic rigidity.

Bears vs. Babies Is The New Card Game From The Creators Of Exploding Kittens | Games | Geek.com

The Oatmeal is known across the internet for his distinctive and hilarious comics, and more recently he’s been known as one of the collaborators on the hugely popular card game Exploding Kittens. Now, Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) and game designer Elan Lee are launching another card game called Bears vs. Babies. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Acer Lets You Overclock Its Latest Gaming Monitor | Tech | Geek.com

Overclocking has been a way of getting more performance out of PC components for decades. It used to be purely applied to processors. You add more cooling and clock the chip frequency higher in order to gain more performance. Then the same thing happened with RAM and graphics cards. Overclocked versions of these components are even sold new with a price premium. Now overclocking is being offered on a monitor.