CastAR Hopes to Bring Augmented Reality to the Masses | Tech |

The most exciting thing about VR is that it’s the stepping stone to augmented reality — the real revolutionary tech. AR uses computer systems as well as some kind of lens or holographic projection to overlay a digital output on top of the real world that you can see. The potential here is obvious. Everything from map directions stretching out in front of you, to radically new types of games or movies that blend reality with fantasy could meld seamlessly with our daily lives.

Smart Dog Collar Is Like a Mood Ring for Your Canine Companion | Tech |

Humans have a tendency of attaching very human-like motivations to the behavior of our canine companions, but what if there were a way to actually know what your dog was thinking? That’s the goal of Inupathy, a smart dog collar that aims to use your dog’s vitals to determine how he or she is feeling absent any understanding of the animal’s body language.