September 2016’s Loot Anime is DEMIHUMAN. Translator’s note: Demi means half. | Culture |

September 2016’s Loot Anime theme is DEMIHUMAN, of which there are tons in anime when you think about it. Like, half of all anime protagonists could count as demihuman. Goku (half-Saiyan), Naruto (half-fox demon), Luffy (half-rubber), Saitama (half-egg), Ichigo (half-reaper ghost and all-cancelled). But that’s the theme, which means ghouls and ghosts, but not Ghouls and Ghosts.

Geek deals roundup: Save on mobile VR, tablets, and more from GearBest | Deals |

Xiaomi Virtual Reality glasses for $12.99 (Coupon code: LHXMVR) Investing in a major virtual reality setup like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift will cost you hundreds of dollars, but you don’t need to spend that kind of cash just to see what VR is really like first-hand. If you have a smartphone that’s between 4.7 and 5.7 inches, you can use this affordable headset from Xiaomi to try out the wide selection of mobile VR apps.

Extinct Beardogs Get a More Prominent Place in the Carnivore Family Tree | Culture |

You know about bears, and you know about dogs, but what about beardogs? They went extinct millions of years ago, but scientist are just now figuring out where these creatures fit in the evolutionary history of life on Earth. A new analysis of beardog fossils has resulted in the reclassification several animals, which alters our understanding of how they are related to living carnivores.