Nike’s Back to the Future Shoes Now World’s Most Expensive Sneakers | Tech |

We’re about a year past the future the first Back to the Future envisioned, and it’s safe to say reality is looking a little more bleak compared to the world of that classic blockbuster. But we haven’t totally dropped the ball. To celebrate the film Nike went ahead and actually made a working pair of the self-lacing sneakers teased in that 80s classic, the Nike Mag. And now, the real Nike Mags have become the world’s most expensive sneakers.



2009年时,哥本哈根与MIT合作研发的“根本哈根轮”曝光。这个可以将普通自行车变为助力自行车的神奇轮子,在2014年时被评为2014年全球25项最佳发明之一 。但因体积大重量重,与标准自行车不兼容(不能安装碟刹),而且高达900美元的价格,一直没能普及。国内的一哥智行科技则想做一款轻便、且能与标准自行车完全兼容、成本更低的“哥本哈根轮”。

Woman Loses Her Best Friend, Rebuilds Him With AI | Tech |

Funerals are kind of strange. It’s often said that the whole casket, burial, eulogy thing is a process for the living and not the dead. We think we want to memorialize the ones we love, but really we’re just desperate to spend more time with them. It’s no wonder then that today’s youth have become increasingly uncomfortable with the whole process. One woman even went so far as to take the texts of her friend, and use them to memorialize him — as a chat bot.

Shin Godzilla Reminds America That Japan Is Still Better At This | Movies |

Shin Godzilla, which translates to a few things but for the purposes of the film is probably best Americanized as “True Godzilla” as this is the second time the Toho production company has rebooted their Godzilla franchise as a response to an American installment. The 1998 Roland Emmerich Godzilla lead to Toho’s Godzilla 2000 and a run of Godzilla films called the “Millennium Series” that culminated in 2014’s Godzilla: Final Wars, the last Toho Godzilla movie until this year’s new installment. The Millennium Series has no continuity between most of the installments but features a similar Godzilla in all the movies. Shin Godzilla is undeniably a new beginning for the monster, and even though this is the third movie where Godzilla terrorizes Japan without another monster cameo, Shin Godzilla is a film worthy of the “True Godzilla” title.

Hand-crafted Overwatch Figure is a Work of Art | Games |

Even if you’re like me and aren’t exactly into Overwatch, you have to admit that the game’s characters feature some of the coolest designs out there. Each of the characters would make for great action figures, but for whatever reason, Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t commissioned any toy company to make official figures based on the game. This didn’t stop one person from taking the initiative and creating his own Overwatch figure completely by hand.



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