Essential Spider-Man Moments Every Fan Should Know | Comics |

You know the Spider, the hyphen, the Man, the legend. You know how Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and granted extraordinary abilities. Uncle Ben’s death, the red and blue underoos, and the fact that great power comes with great responsibility are all ingrained into the common knowledge of popular culture. However, that is just the beginning for Spider-Man, and a lot has happened in the 50+ years since he first appeared. Here are the essential moments in Spider-Man’s comic book history.

Samsung Investigating New Wave of Note 7 Battery Fires, but This Phone is Already Dead | Tech |

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 earlier this fall to overwhelmingly positive reviews. However, it wasn’t long before it became apparent this phone suffered from defective batteries that could burst into flames. Samsung recalled the phone, but some claim the replacement phones are also defective. Now, several of the big US carriers have stopped selling the phone, and Samsung is stopping production. Even if the claims of exploding phones turn out to be overblown, the Note 7 is dead and you should not buy one.