What To Expect from Crunchyroll’s Fall Season | Television | Geek.com

Crunchyroll Announces Fall Lineup, A New Convention, and LeSean Thomas ShowIf you ever want to watch ad-free, high definition anime aired minutes after it debuts in Japan, Crunchyroll is where you go. The streaming service, which also offers manga and the ability to watch shows on a variety of devices (including phones and video game consoles), revealed its fall lineup at New York Comic Con. And boy has it got something for everybody.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle coming to Xbox One and PS4 | Games | Geek.com

Beat ’em up games aren’t as prolific as they used to be back in the day so it’s always fun when a new one is released. It’s even better when this beat ’em up is based on a franchise that is perfect for the genre. No doubt being released to drum up attention for the upcoming movie, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle looks like it will deliver a ton of great side scrolling action for fans of beat ’em ups and the TV series.