TetrOS is a Tetris clone that’s also an operating system | Games | Geek.com

Tetris has been an extremely popular game ever since it appeared on the Game Boy way back in 1989. Look at any generation of Nintendo hardware since then and chances are there’s been a Tetris game released for it. It’s also a game that’s been cloned countless times and forms a great project for anyone learning game development. Now, in 2016, Tetris has become its very own operating system.

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The Internet is where we do most of our shopping, and a solid 90% of it is done at Amazon. Jeff Bezos has turned his humble bookstore into a sort of Automat of the digital age, selling everything from soup to nuts at low prices with speedy shipping. Nobody knows Amazon deals quite like we do. Except for you, that is. Welcome to Prime Directive, where we find the coolest things on Amazon.com and feed them to you, one at a time.