Wearable microscope looks inside your body to track health | Tech | Geek.com

Scientists have long used fluorescent markers to detect and track molecules in the lab, but tracking things in the human body is more challenging. The recent development of bio-compatible fluorescent markers have provided one piece of the puzzle to make that possible, and now researchers are working on the next part. A microscope has been developed that can see miniscule amounts of fluorescent dye through the skin, and unlike other instruments, it’s tiny.

美国净菜电商 Blue Apron 频发安全问题,初创公司如何维持扩张速度与终端运营平衡?

许多传统行业搭上互联网渠道后,会出现一些弊病:成立初期,公司往往将更多注意力放在软件系统搭建而非库房管理。但代码并不能解决所有问题——食材半成品销售平台 Blue Apron 最近经历了一次教训,公司不得不开始将更多经历放在终端基层员工管理上。

SpaceX investigating possible sabotage of exploded rocket | Tech | Geek.com

SpaceX is no stranger to exploding rockets. Its early years were marked by several high-profile rocket explosions before the more recent models managed to visit the International Space Station and land vertically. Still, there have been some bumps in recent years. Just last month, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded on the launchpad during a pre-flight test. The cause of the explosion isn’t clear yet, but there’s a bizarre twist in the investigation. SpaceX is reportedly considering the possibility that its rocket was sabotaged.