The death of video game console deaths | Games |

A few days ago I fired up my Wii U and played through the recent port of Severed, an indie game released earlier this year from the folks behind Guacamelee. Contrary to popular opinion, I really enjoy my Wii U and play it more often than you’d expect. However, there’s no denying that soon the console will be dead. Sooner or later Nintendo will have to reveal the NX, you know, that machine coming out in five months.

Essential viewing for Star Wars: Rebels season three | Television |

In the third season of Star Wars: Rebels, the additions to existing Star Wars canon already makes it exciting, but the continuations of existing lore have also been pleasant surprises. Besides the core Ghost crew of Hera, Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper, characters and objects from this season of Rebels are picking up or closing off stories that began years ago.

Your next bank card may change numbers ever hour | Tech |

Bank and credit cards are present in everyone’s purse or wallet. They are the gatekeepers to our funds, offering access to ATMs, a way to quickly pay for goods over the counter or online, and an essential part of actually dealing with your bank. However, they are also the target of fraudsters who have many methods of stealing or copying their details and spending your cash for you.