MovieBob Reviews: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children | Movies |

I won’t lie: This is a tough one. There’s a lot about this film that just doesn’t work, and it feels like something that really needed a few more passes through editing or a longer run time to move around in. But there are other parts that work so damn well, the whole thing is so well-intentioned and it’s so nice to see Tim Burton back making something close to a good movie for a change (I mean, I guess Big Eyes was okay, but even I keep forgetting that actually came out). I’m inclined to be perhaps kinder to it than I may have been otherwise.

AER wants you to throw your GoPro instead of buying a drone | Tech |

Cameras capable of capturing HD images and video are now the norm. If you want to capture some action outside, then the go-to brand is GoPro. The camera alone can be expensive, but if you want to capture some aerial shots then you’re going to have to invest in an expensive drone to carry it (like the recently announced DJI Mavic Pro). You could save the cost of the drone by throwing your GoPro instead, though.

Xbox One sales target was originally set at 200 million consoles | Games |

The Xbox One S we see on store shelves today is a very different console to the one envisioned being hooked up in homes back in 2014. Who remembers Don Mattrick? He’s the guy that decided all Xbox One games would only play if you were connected to the Internet for DRM checks. he’s also the guy that made Kinect mandatory, and said if you didn’t have an Internet connection the Xbox 360 would remain on sale as an alternative.