Endangered Pangolin gets the international trade ban it so desperately needed | Culture | Geek.com

In recent years, the pangolin has become the world’s most trafficked mammal. In recognition of this unfortunate distinction, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) has voted to approve strong restrictions on the transportation and sale of the pangolin, which will hopefully help the endangered creature survive.

【首发】掌门一对一获数亿元新一轮融资,K12 开始进入“内容代理”时代

【首发】掌门一对一获数亿元新一轮融资,K12 开始进入“内容代理”时代

36 氪曾经报道过的掌门一对一今天宣布,公司已经获得数亿元新一轮融资,此轮融资由华晟资本等机构完成,具体金额暂时不做透露。今年 3 月,他们曾获得来自达晨创投领投、顺为资本跟投的 B 轮融资。掌门一对一的创始人兼 CEO 张翼表示,本轮融资资金将用于线下合作和自身建设两个方向,同时开始布局 to B 业务。

Japanese engineer creates a wind turbine that loves typhoons | Tech | Geek.com

Wind turbines are popping up all over the world as part of a slow move towards green energy sources. But conventional wind turbines are quite limited. Not only are they only feasible in windy locations, they can’t be used when it gets too windy for fear of damage. That really cuts down on their ability to produce guaranteed, regular energy as well as where you can choose to install them.

Dan Brown is writing another Robert Langdon novel called Origin | Culture | Geek.com

Love him or loathe him, Dan Brown has become a very successful author who’s books are guaranteed to fly off the shelves every time a new one appears. And a big part of that success is down to the creation of his most popular character: Robert Langdon. He’s even lucked out by having one of the most likeable actors in Hollywood take on the role of Langdon in multiple movies.