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Fan-made video games based on existing properties are always in danger of being cancelled by the company or companies who they belong to. When it comes to the Star Wars IP, it’s almost a safe bet that any fan-made project will be shut down. This is exactly what has happened to fan-project Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil. Today, developer Frontwire Studios, announced that LucasFilm and EA forced it to terminate the game just weeks after making a distribution deal with Valve to release the title on Steam.

Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil was going to be a remake of the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III. The game was cancelled back in 2008, but leaked footage of it surfaced in 2013. Unlike the latest Battlefront game, this title was more akin to the first two titles in the franchise. Though the leaked footage was still a work-in-progress, it showed an ambitious game that featured large-scale ground battles, space battles, vehicle combat, and even an epic story. Frontwire was going to take all of this and complete the title.

In a press release, Frontwire Studios’ Tony Romanelli stated that he had a conference call with LucasFilm to see if there was a way that the studio could still release the game after the company received a cease and desist letter from LucasFilm on June 22. Though LucasFilm wasn’t entirely against Galaxy in Turmoil, the decision to shut down the project was due to Electronic Arts’ insistence.

EA signed an exclusivity deal with LucasFilm to make Star Wars games and the developer has a number of games based on the property in the works — including another Battlefront. EA felt that Galaxy in Turmoil would take attention away from its Battlefront series. Frontwire attempted to reach out to EA but haven’t gotten a response.

While this is unfortunate news, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Just like the fan-made remake of Metal Gear Solid, this project was ultimately doomed to be cancelled. Frontwire Studios will take everything they have done for this title to make a different, albeit similar game, that features 64-player battles, ground-to-space combat, and a single player mode. Galaxy in Turmoil, minus the Star Wars header, will be available as a free game on Steam.

LucasFilm and EA just killed the Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil game | Games |


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