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Tago arc: a smart bracelet that doesn’t need a battery | News |

Welcome to the future, where wrists aren’t adorned with sloganized silicone bands or rainbow-colored, loom-woven bracelets. They’ll be showing off custom designs that you can change on the fly with a single tap from your smartphone.

This is the tago arc, a bracelet with a wraparound E Ink display that recently hit Indiegogo in search of crowdfunding. Unlike all the smartwatches and fitness trackers you’ve been reading about day in and day out, the arc has no internal battery and it never needs charging. Ever. Yet it continually displays a customizable image on the band.

How’s that possible? E Ink only requires a small amount of power when the image on the display needs to be updated. That’s why devices like the Kindle can go for weeks on end without a recharge and why Pebble remains the undisputed king of smartwatch battery life.

But if you really can change what’s displayed on the arc, it has to get power from somewhere, doesn’t it? You bet. Fortunately, the small amount that’s required can be delivered via NFC. Pull up the new image you want to load onto the arc in tago’s Android app, tap it to the band for a few seconds, and the image and refresh-enabling juice are sent over from your phone.

You can design your own patterns for the arc, and, because we’re living in the Age of DLC, tago will also offer up their own creations via in-app purchase.

Tago has already surpassed the $40,000 they were seeking for the arc on indiegogo. The bargain-priced rewards have all been snapped up already. If you want in early, you’ll have to pledge at least $259… though the two-pack at $379 is a much better deal.

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Tago arc: a smart bracelet that doesn’t need a battery | News |


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