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New Toshiba TVs won’t be made by Toshiba anymore | News |

The TV market has seen a lot of change in recent years. The move from CRT to flat panel displays, and the ongoing development of those panels, has seen a number of the well-known brands suffer. Sony is a good example of this, and it is one of the companies to have rethought its approach to manufacturing and selling TVs. Toshiba is the latest company to have a major rethink, and it has decided to leave the market in all but name.

If you’ve had a great experience owning and using a Toshiba TV in the past, be warned that any new TVs carrying the Toshiba name from March this year won’t actually be Toshiba made, or in fact have anything to do with the Japanese company. Instead, Toshiba has just licensed its name to Compal Electronics, a TV maker based in Taiwan. So what you’ll be buying is a Toshiba-branded Compal TV.

New Toshiba TVs won’t be made by Toshiba anymore | News |

It seems likely Compal will aim to match the look of previous Toshiba TVs because the name is worth something and generally highly regarded among consumers. How good the experience of using one of these new TVs turns out to be, or indeed the overall quality of the display, is unknown. We’ll just have to wait for them to appear on the market and get reviewed.

Hopefully they are great, and it’s in Toshiba’s interests to ensure any product carrying its name is a quality product. Outsourcing had already become a major part of Toshiba’s business after a big change in 2013 saw two of its three TV manufacturing factories close. This is just the next step.

As for why Toshiba has decided to step away from the market, it comes down to a combination of needing to cut costs, trim its workforce further, and the “harsh price competition” in the TV market. Basically, it’s really hard to generate a worthwhile profit on TV sales unless you’re doing it on a massive scale.

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New Toshiba TVs won’t be made by Toshiba anymore | News |


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