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Building virtual IKEA furniture makes this game frustratingly fun | Games |

Assembling flat-packed Swedish furniture in a virtual living room might not sound like a hook for an addictive video game, but the mundane nature of Höme Improvisåtion is what makes it so great.

Putting together a coffee table or a lamp from IKEA shouldn’t be any big deal, right? Sometimes it is, though. You end up thinking you’re clever and putting bits together in an order that seems logical enough to you only to find out that you’ve got to strip the whole thing down to fit in the one piece that rolled under the box.

And when you don’t have the cartoonish instruction sheets, well, that can compound your problems. In Höme Improvisåtion, the boxes only contain the pieces you have to assemble. Figuring out how they go together is completely up to you.

The controls are simple enough — just rotate pieces on their axes to get them lined up and pop them into place using your mouse and keyboard. Trouble is, they don’t always spin the way you think they’ll spin and that makes it tricky to line up pegs and holes.

Building virtual IKEA furniture makes this game frustratingly fun | Games |

Unfortunately you can’t turn a table like this and then smash it on the floor when you’ve had enough

On top of that, you’ve got to worry about physics. That infernal gray lamp? I’m sure I didn’t put it together properly, but Home Improvisation didn’t mind — provided I could just make it stand up. After several attempts to lower it gracefully onto the floor I finally gave up, propped it in the corner and called it a day. The game cheerfully delivers your next item once you’ve built and placed another.

Perhaps the best part of the game is that you don’t have to play it alone. You can share the workaday madness with three of your friends.

What kind of mad genius unleashes a game like this on the world? A team of four devs — Aj Kolenc, Jessica Jackson, Colton Spross, Josh Faubel — who wanted to leave their mark on Global Game Jam 2015. You can play Höme Improvisåtion right on their website (Unity Player plug-in required) or download it for free to your PC or Mac.

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Building virtual IKEA furniture makes this game frustratingly fun | Games |


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