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Man plays Super Mario World with his nose and a recorder | Games |

Most readers of this site have probably spent at least a few hours of their lives playing Super Mario World, the flagship Super Mario game that came out with the Super Nintendo way back in 1990. The gameplay in this video might seem a little sloppy compared to your ability when picking up the controller, but NicoNico streamer Wakou isn’t using a controller. He’s using a recorder (the flute-type thing), and he plays it with his nose. Why? Because Japan, probably.

Wakou is actually doing all the same things you’d do with your fingers, but he’s doing it with sound. This is made possible with a little program called Audio Pad, which uses a PC microphone to listen for different notes and trigger buttons on a virtual controller. So one note equals the x button, another hits the d-pad to the right, and so on. This control scheme is why Wakou doesn’t talk at all during the video. I am unsure if the mask is also related, but I’m going to assume it is.

He makes it through a few levels, making beautiful (okay, functional) music the whole time. You can tell he gets really into the game too. It’s a long video, but give it a few minutes and you’ll start to feel connected with Wakou’s nose struggle. You can’t even see half his face, but his eyes are so expressive.

The big moment comes near the end of the video when, in the first castle, he finally defeats the Koopa after several failures. I’ve done worse with my hands. He’s just so darn happy, and that makes me kind of happy too.

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Man plays Super Mario World with his nose and a recorder | Games |


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