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Disney’s Indiana Jones reboot could star Chris Pratt | News |

Chris Pratt is on a roll. He was the perfect choice to voice Emmett in The Lego Movie, then he helped save the galaxy as Star-Lord. And after he does battle with dinosaurs this summer, he may become the new Indiana Jones.

Ever since Disney snapped up Lucasfilm three years ago, most of the focus has been on the progress they’re making towards the seventh installment in the Star Wars series. With The Force Awakens due to hit theaters later this year, there’s talk that Disney is getting ready to kick off production on another Lucasfilm reboot.

It’s been seven years since Crystal Skull was released, much to the dismay of some Indy fans. To them, it was the Phantom Menace of the Indiana Jones series. Now there’s word that Disney is prepared to try and get the franchise back on the right track with Pratt playing the role of our favorite swashbuckling archaeology professor.

Discussions are still in the very early stages, though. Disney has said that they’re taking a very measured approach: CEO Robert Iger told a Variety reporter that they would “love to make another Indiana Jones movie but we’re pacing ourselves right now.” They’ve mentioned a potential release in 2016 or 2017, though some think the film could slide into 2018.

And we may possibly want to contain our excitement about seeing Andy Dwyer play Indy. There’s also been talk that Disney wants Bradley Cooper for the starring role, while others wonder whether they might not choose to use a cast of up-and-coming actors and actresses based on how they cast The Force Awakens.

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Disney’s Indiana Jones reboot could star Chris Pratt | News |


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